9 Super Cute Tea Infusers

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Who doesn’t like a cup of tea? Whether you fancy black or green tea or even a herbal tea, using your own blend of loose leaves or herbs is much healthier and flavorful than buying pre-made tea bags at the store.

So you definitely need a tea infuser! And here are the cutest ones you can buy:

1. Mr. And Ms. Tea Infuser

mister and miss tea infuser

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Promising Amazon Review: “My favorite ever kitchen item! I love green tea and I have a lot of loose tea leaves. These cute little products sit on the edge of my mug Infusing away to create the perfect brew with no mess. They are easy to clean and re use over and over.”

2. Baby Nessie Tea Infuser


Baby Nessie Tea Infuser 2

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Promising Amazon Review: “I received these yesterday and could not wait to use them. I used the green Nessie this morning to make my cup of tea. The bottom came off easily, so I could fill it with tea leaves. After placing the top back on it was ready to steep.Nessie was perfectly balanced and stood up in the cup. Her head was peeking over the top and I could not stop smiling.The infuser is very durable and easy to clean.”

3. Elephant Tea Infuser

Elephant Tea Infuser

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Promising Amazon Review: “As a tea lover, I was on the lookout for a tea strainer which is easy to clean and use. This fitted the bill! It is easy to separate the two halves for both cleaning and putting in tea leaves. The tea leaves diffuse nicely into the cup, and it looks very dinky poking out of the mug. Very pleased with this purchase.”

4. Shark Tea Infuser

Shark Tea Infuser

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Promising Amazon Review: Great product. I bought these for my wife who loves a leafy tea. Now, not only does she get to enjoy her choice of herbal infusion, but is also the talks of the town with this wonderful strainer.”

5. Submarine Infuser

Submarine Infuser

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Promising Amazon Review: “The tea infuser is a really nice product! I gave it to my boyfriend for his birthday and he really loved it! It is so easy to use and clean. I would definately recommend this to others who want a different tea infuser :)”

6. Platypus Tea Infuser

Platypus Tea Infuser

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Promising Amazon Review: This little guy is adorable, I love him. He makes my morning cup of tea much more fun. I drink loose leaf tea that helps boost my metabolism in the morning and you get bags with it but they don’t seal that well and sometimes I end up eating tea which is not so pleasant. Having a tea infuser is much more practical but this one is cute and fun and I really like that it makes people laugh and ask me about why he is in my cup. It is silicone and BPA free so no need to worry about the cancer causing chemicals in plastics. This was a drawing point and also that i was a bot wary that it would taste funny or plasticky but it tastes great and infuses my tea well.”

7. Manatee (Manatea)Tea Infuser

Manatee (Manatea)Tea Infuser

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Promising Amazon Review: “I adore my ManaTea! Works perfectly and easy to clean. Use a biggish mug though or he gets in the way a bit “

8. Sloth Tea Infuser

Sloth Tea Infuser

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Promising Amazon Review: “So cute, great novelty gift and also very useful! came well packaged, bought for my brother and it came in a cute box, as if store-bought. Would definitely recommend, looking forward to buying from this brand again!”


9. Holiday Tea Infuser Gift Set

Holiday Tea Infuser Gift Set

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Promising Amazon Review: “They work. I like they aren’t as small as I feared. They are pretty much teaspoon size. Work good and are cute additions to tea sets.”

Want to see them altogether again?

9 Super Cute Tea Infusers

Which one do you like best? Share your view in the comments below!

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