25 Smart Ways To Use Chia Seeds For Weight Loss And Health

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Chia seeds may be tiny but they are a nutritional powerhouse. Just 2 tablespoons (30 grams) contain 10 grams of fiber, 5 grams of protein, and 138 calories. Furthermore, they are a great source of fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and vitamin A. When you eat Chia seeds, you feel full and sustained throughout the day. Chia seeds are also known for improving digestive health, promoting heart health, boasting your energy and metabolism, and they can even help treat diabetes. So, let’s discover the best ways to use Chia seeds and unlock the power of these amazing tiny seeds.

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25 ways to use chia seeds


25 Ways To Use Chia Seeds For Weight Loss And Health

  1. Make Chia water
  2. Soak Chia seeds in your tea, homemade lemonade, juice or fruit drink (chia fresca)
  3. Make Chia pudding in various flavors
  4. Use Chia seeds in smoothies
  5. Sprinkle raw Chia seeds on top of your food (smoothie, oatmeal, yogurt, fruits, salads etc)
  6. Swap your usual cereal for Chia cereal or include Chia seeds in your granola
  7. Make no-bake Chia truffles
  8. Add Chia seeds to savory dishes like stir-fries
  9. Add Chia seeds to your salad dressing
  10. Use Chia seeds in baked food (e.g. bread, cake mix, cookies, muffins, crackers)
  11. Ground the Chia seeds and make a crust for your meat or fish
  12. Mix Chia seeds with other grains (e.g. rice or quinoa)
  13. Add Chia seeds to your pancake mix
  14. Substitute pectin in a jam with Chia seeds
  15. Make homemade bars with Chia seeds (e.g. protein bars, breakfast bars)
  16. Substitute flour with Chia seeds when thickening stews or gravies
  17. Use Chia seeds as an egg substitute in vegan recipes
  18. Mix Chia seeds into any dip (e.g. guacamole, hummus, or Greek Tzatziki)
  19. Add Chia seeds to your oatmeal
  20. Add Chia seeds to your yogurt
  21. Substitute eggs or breadcrumbs with Chia seeds when thickening meatballs and burgers
  22. Use Chia seeds in a homemade energy gel
  23. Make Chia seed-based Wraps, Tortillas and Pizza dough
  24. Add Chia Seeds to homemade ice cream or ice cream pops recipes
  25. Make falafel with Chia seeds

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