How to make Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar


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Everybody talks about apple cider vinegar, how amazing it is and how many benefits it has for your health. Many people drink apple cider vinegar daily or try to incorporate it to their diet in other ways. You can buy Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in any food store but you can also make your own apple cider vinegar at home. Homemade apple cider vinegar is easy and frugal to make. Most times it tastes even better (it is usually milder) than the store-bought product. 

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Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

In order to make homemade apple cider vinegar you need only 3 ingredients: apples, sugar and water. You will need around one cup of water for each apple and a teaspoon of sugar.

You can use whole apples from any apple tree (best be organic) or even apple scraps and cores that you have left over from other recipes. It’s also better to use filtered water, free of chlorine, fluoride or other substances that could interfere in the fermentation process. You can also add a splash of vinegar in order to prevent the formation of mold and to quick-start the fermentation process.

The process of making apple cider vinegar is very simple. First, clean the apples and remove any rotten areas and the stems. Then cut them into small pieces and place them into a large jar. Afterwards, add the sugar and the water (until the apples are fully covered) and stir with a wooden or plastic spoon. Cover the jar with a breathable top (e.g. cloth or coffee filter) and let sit on your kitchen counter in room temperature. During the first days, stir daily to prevent mold formation. Eventually bubbles will form and the apples will sink to the bottom of the jar. At this point you can stop stirring so that “a mother” (a mass of cellulose) will begin to form on the surface of the mixture. Leave the vinegar undisturbed for several weeks and test the taste. When you are happy with the flavor, you can strain and bottle the vinegar. Your homemade apple cider vinegar is read to be stored in a glass bottle in a cool and dark place in your kitchen (e.g. in your pantry)!

How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar

Watch the following video and discover how easy it is to make your own apple cider vinegar:

and an update video on how the process looks like after two weeks from beginning:

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