How to make Aquafaba

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When someone thought that whipping up chickpea water would create a whipped cream, a miracle happened in the vegan community!

Aquafaba is the perfect egg replacer – “aqua” means water and “faba” means beans. You can make meringues and also use it in other recipes where whipping cream is involved, and the bonus is that you can never detect the beany taste in the finished product. So here is how you can make your own Aquafaba (video by The Green Creator):

You can also make aquafaba by boiling 3 cups of chickpeas (soaked over-night) in 4 cups of water in a steam cooker and cook them for about 3 and a half hours (as you can see in this video by CookingShooking):

Have you ever made aquafaba? Share in the comments below!

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