How To Clean Your Blender

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Smoothies are the new healthy trend! And they should be!

They are juicy, colorful, refreshing and full of nutrients and vitamins. They hydrate while helping detox our body! It is also an easy way to include more fruits and veggies in our daily diet otherwise it would be very difficult to eat 5 servings per day! The only disturbing thing about smoothies though has always been the process of cleaning the blender!

That’s why we thought that the perfect “how to” should focus on how to clean your blender! Below you will find some of the most helpful advice on how to get rid of pulp and stains in your blender, the easiest way! Quicker, easier, helpful and watersaving! Try them asap!

1) The easiest way to clean your blender

By: Pure Wow


2) How to remove stains in a blender

by: ShareHows

3) Handblender cleaning and storing

By: ConsumerCare1


4) How to clean your vitamix container & keep it spotless naturally

By: rawsynergytv

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